International Conference on Multimedia Forensics, Surveillance and Security

September 18th - 21th, 2012

Brasília - Brazil

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"an enviroment of interaction and integration"

2,000 m² of what is the latest in technology products and systems for electronic security

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World Cup 2014 and Olympic Games 2016

"Technology for the benefit of Brazil"

The electronic surveillance systems for digital identification, border control, access control in stadiums and enviromental monitoring

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Conference Tracks

-Laws and Ethics in Surveillance and Public Security

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Thursday, 25 Jul 2024



Capital of Brazil since 1960, the city is entirely planned and built in just 3 ½ years, a remarkable achievement even for today standards. The city's most prominent features are the unique works of world renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, including the Plaza of Three Powers and Presidential Palace. It is considered World Heritage Site for its beautiful architectonic and was chosen one of 12 venues for World Cup 2014.


But the attractions do not stop there. Brasilia is a city of cultural and night life quite intense, with exhibitions, bars, restaurants and many events throughout the year. For those seeking outdoor recreation, Lake Paranoá, the City Park and the National Park are good options .



Metropolitan Cathedral: Designed by Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated in 1967, the Metropolitan Cathedral is located on the Esplanade of Ministries. Its beauty is stunning, do not miss it.


Sarah Kubitschek Park: The Sarah Kubitschek Park - popularly known as City Park - is considered the largest urban park in Latin America. It has 4.2 million square meters comprising the Place des Sources, with landscaping by Burle Marx, biking, horse riding, go-kart track, playgrounds and recreational areas.


Plaza of the Three Powers: You can't go to Brasilia and not visit the Plaza of  the Three Powers! Its a mandatory visit! The impressive grandeur of the buildings, as well as the many sculptures that are exposed. The visit is free to the buildings and the script includes the National Congress, the Presidential Palace and the Foreign Ministry, the Supreme Court, the Justice Palace, the Pantheon of the Fatherland Tancredo Neves, Lúcio Costa Space, located underground of the plaza, where there a model of the city.


National Park of Brasilia: Brasilia National Park located in the Urban Military Sector, the park houses typical of the Cerrado vegetation and animals such as armadillos, monkeys, capybaras, and a wide variety of birds. With 30 000 hectares, is also known as Mineral Water, due to its many natural springs and pools. It offers trails for walks and two tracks: the Capybara (1,300 m) and Crystal Water (5,000 m).

Source: www.turismobrasil.gov.br


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