International Conference on Multimedia Forensics, Surveillance and Security

September 18th - 21th, 2012

Brasília - Brazil

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"an enviroment of interaction and integration"

2,000 m² of what is the latest in technology products and systems for electronic security

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World Cup 2014 and Olympic Games 2016

"Technology for the benefit of Brazil"

The electronic surveillance systems for digital identification, border control, access control in stadiums and enviromental monitoring

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Conference Tracks

-Laws and Ethics in Surveillance and Public Security

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Tuesday, 06 Jun 2023

NEC presents security solutions

Property and facilities protection such as harbors and airports, can be a complex task. With the proximity of major sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympics, this issue becomes even more sensitive.


Thinking about that, NEC, a multinational leader in integrating IT and networking technologies will present the J-Bis, a system for immigration control at airports and border points using biometric recognition for travelers identification.


The company will also present other solutions aimed at the security market, such as the Super Resolution technology, which enhances the resolution in low definition images analysis by crossing information database (or library) of categorized images, assisting researchers in looking for people or vehicles.


Another novelty is the Meta Search, a video processing solution that can analyze various characteristics of persons or the environment in order to locate suspects through information such as sex, age, color of clothing facial features, among others.


NEC will present also a High Sensitivity Camera, an advanced technology that lets you capture video in very low light environment with quality far superior to current systems and video surveillance.

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