International Conference on Multimedia Forensics, Surveillance and Security

September 18th - 21th, 2012

Brasília - Brazil

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"an enviroment of interaction and integration"

2,000 m² of what is the latest in technology products and systems for electronic security

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World Cup 2014 and Olympic Games 2016

"Technology for the benefit of Brazil"

The electronic surveillance systems for digital identification, border control, access control in stadiums and enviromental monitoring

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Conference Tracks

-Laws and Ethics in Surveillance and Public Security

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Tuesday, 06 Jun 2023

Guide to Closed Circuit TV

One of the most comprehensive studies conducted on closed circuit TV (CCTV) will be released during the 2012 ICMedia. The presentation of the guide, which will include guidance on design, specification, installation, testing, commissioning and other information will be presented to the public on September 21, at 15h40.

The guide will bring out important concepts of applicability of CCTV systems. The goal with those guidelines and recommendations is to allow monitoring activities, surveillance, detection and identification to become more effective, efficient and with higher quality, which results in a more robust audiovisual evidence. The distribution of the guide will be free during its launch, and later will be available online for digital downloads.

The Technical Director of the Brazilian Federal Police Department, Jose Jair Wermann, explains that a large portion of CCTV systems in use today does not meet its objectives effectively, generating unsatisfactory results for public safety and criminal prosecution. "Every day is more likely that a criminal act may be recorded on a video, making it easier for law enforcement agencies to identify those involved and identifying criminal acts. That is why this tool is so important in solving these crimes. The guidelines and recommendations are presented by the authors with enough clarity, simplicity and richness of examples, to suit all profiles and projects of any type of building, whether public or private, small or large, "Wermann said.

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